Due to COVID-19, Michigan State University canceled all in-person summer 2020 youth camps including Spartan Writing Camp and Greenrock Writing Retreat. However, that hasn’t stopped some of Red Cedar Writing Project’s amazing teacher consultants (who are also teachers in local schools districts around MSU, too) from sharing writing enrichment lessons, free of charge, for our local young writers pre-K thru 12 to enjoy.

The intention of these lessons is to provide enrichment activities in the area of writing. Hopefully they spark your inner writer to try different ways of writing and living a writerly life! You’ll see the lessons are organized by grade bands below. Please select the video lessons that represent the grade your student is rising to.

The teachers would love it if you wanted to share your writing work with them via photo or email sent to: swc@msu.edu

Lastly, if you are inclined to do so, please make a monetary donation to Red Cedar Writing Project to help fund student scholarships for our youth camps. Just click on the donate button at the bottom of the page and give. Your contribution will help spread the love of writing to local youth who may not otherwise be able to participate in our camps.

Video Lessons

Third-Fifth Grade

A Writing Life Series:

Lesson ONE/Writer’s Notebook:  https://youtu.be/61a3Vxfromw

Lesson TWO/Writing from a List: https://youtu.be/jfzNV3LdGVQ

Lesson THREE/Observation: https://youtu.be/pl755hJdyL4

Bumper Stickers

Poetry Pieces

Writing Friendly Letters