ANNOUNCEMENT: Registration for 2022 Spartan Writing Camps has closed. Information about camps will be shared soon!

Spartan Writing Camp (SWC) will return in-person for summer 2022 to offer writers age pre-K thru 8th grade the opportunity to engage in writing. Camp will be held the weeks of June 20th and June 27th.


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Spartan Writing Camp




Since 1994, Spartan Writing Camp has invited elementary and middle school writers to explore their love of writing with countless opportunities to write about the thoughts, ideas and experiences that move them. Camp instructors, who are experienced teachers and Red Cedar Writing Project (RCWP) Teacher Consultants (TCs), help students nurture and develop the writer within using Michigan State’s campus for inspiration. Each summer campers search for stories and capture memories on visits to the Red Cedar River, Michigan State University’s beautiful gardens, the Dairy Store, museums and other places around campus.

All inquiries should be directed to Jill Hoort at

Program pricing:

$150 for half-day camps, $250 for full-day camps. Early bird pricing is $20 off the program fee and ends April 30th. 

Interested in scholarships? Fill out this form by April 20th!

Camp Schedules

SWC: Postcards from My Imagination

RCWP TC: Elana Waugh

Grade level: Students entering K and 1st in the fall of 2022

Camp dates: June 20-23

Time: Half Day 9:00-11:30 (morning)

Enrollment Cutoff: 8

Does your child enjoy dramatic play? If so, this camp is for them! In this session, campers will learn about the post office, create their own mailbox, and use their imagination to explore print as they send postcards and letters to stuffed animals, family, and friends.

SWC: Storybook STEAM

RCWP TC: Elana Waugh

Grade level: Students entering 2nd or 3rd grade in the fall of 2022

Camp dates: June 20-23

Time: Half Day 1:00-3:30 (afternoon)

Enrollment Cutoff: 10

Children in this session will be introduced to the engineer design process through read alouds. This camp will have your child thinking outside the box by completing daily STEAM challenges that will inspire stories.

SWC: Wizarding World of Writing

RCWP TCs: Elana Waugh & Dawn Reed

Grade level: Students entering 3rd –  5th grade in the fall of 2022

Camp dates: June 27-30

Time: Full Day 9-3:30

Enrollment Cutoff: 20

Calling all young witches and wizards! Come embrace your creativity and join us for a Wizarding World of Writing! Do you dream about attending Hogwarts or having your own creative magical adventure? If so, then this camp is for you. Writers in this camp will grow their imagination through different types of activities including writing original spells, creating magical names, and more! Join us and grow the witch or wizard within.

SWC: Catch on to Genres

RCWP TC: Annette Kelly & Ashleigh Shepard

Grade level: Students entering 3- 5th grade in the Fall of 2022

Camp dates: June 27-30

Time: Full Day 9-3:30

Enrollment Cutoff: 20

Have you ever wanted to explore new ideas for writing, but not sure where to start?  This is the camp for you!  The emphasis is on exploring new ideas, taking risks in writing, and having fun writing in new genres.  We will go on several field trips, create crafts, and read books to inspire our writing. Children will transform unforgettable experiences into unforgettable pieces of writing and art. Children will explore several genres by appealing to all five of the reader’s senses. This dynamic camp is for 3-5 grade students who love to write!

SWC: Discover our World Around Us

RCWP TC: Kristin Graham

Grade Level: Students entering 3rd-5th grades

Camp Dates: June 20-23

Time: Full Day 9-3:30

Enrollment Cutoff: 10

What do you notice about your surroundings each day?  We will be using our five senses to discover our world around us in creative new ways!  Writers in this camp will enhance their skills by utilizing their five senses to get creative about the world around them while participating in various activities, going on field trips around campus, and utilizing different writing formats.  Get ready to observe your daily surroundings with a whole new perspective while using your five senses for a sense-sational camp experience!

SWC: Photography and Writing

RCWP TCs: Jill Hoort & Grace Pregent

Grade level: Grades 6-8

Camp dates: Week of June 20-24

Time: Full Day 9-3:30

Enrollment Cutoff: 20

Are you someone who enjoys nature, photography and writing? This camp session is for you! During your time at Spartan Writing Camp, you will spend your days learning to photograph nature, explore natural areas of campus in search of photography subjects, and compose stories inspired by your photos. Comfortable shoes, an open mind, and a keen eye are all that’s required. Come join us!

SWC: Graphic Novel Composition

RCWP TCs: Jill Hoort & Grace Pregent

Grade level: Grades 6-8

Camp dates: Week of June 27

Time: Full Day Camp 9-3:30

Enrollment Cutoff: 20

Have you had a steady diet of graphic novels as your reading material? Have you thought about writing your own graphic novel? Join us to immerse yourself in the graphic novel genre and work on creating your own.